Waned and weary with only toil and trouble my limbs could only travel this journey tired. . In my head to in my mind -which coincidentally were not the same thing- thoughts seemed to expire from the zealous fear found in your gaping wide darkness of speech. My serenely spiritual soul’s mythical secret shadow sparkled […]

A City Lay In Ruins

Most people think I am referring to pompeii, but I actually wrote this with Atlantis in mind. Not that it really matters-I had all lost cities as my muse but Atlantis is my favorite obsession of erased history.

Fatal Air

Unless air is fatal to those who breathe, you should have nothing to fear. The safest way of surviving Fatal Air is to steal a few handfuls of blazing air. Granting you access to: “Enter without Danger.” Physical contact sparked flames instantly. Heating up more than the temperature, while bundles of blazing grass were thrown […]