Missing him.. I filled my time with other things, But nothing helped keep him off my mind. The Night: Filled with two false poetic promises left me disappointed. In these two years I have lost all “friends” I thought had loved me. Instead, They abandoned me, and left me to my own devices. But the […]

Haunt Your Destiny

Come with me to the old country, and together we will find the lives we’ve forgotten. You can live them twice by paying the unknown price, each one, never being the same as before. The key to your debt is to have something Beautiful Life wants: Looks that can kill, a heart of gold, or […]

A City Lay In Ruins

Most people think I am referring to pompeii, but I actually wrote this with Atlantis in mind. Not that it really matters-I had all lost cities as my muse but Atlantis is my favorite obsession of erased history.