Missing him.. I filled my time with other things, But nothing helped keep him off my mind. The Night: Filled with two false poetic promises left me disappointed. In these two years I have lost all “friends” I thought had loved me. Instead, They abandoned me, and left me to my own devices. But the […]


Waned and weary with only toil and trouble my limbs could only travel this journey tired. . In my head to in my mind -which coincidentally were not the same thing- thoughts seemed to expire from the zealous fear found in your gaping wide darkness of speech. My serenely spiritual soul’s mythical secret shadow sparkled […]

Forever Farewells

For a moment, Looking upward, I suspected they had fallen from the sky. Taking a long breathe, standing firm with determination, I observed every single detail. Some of them were much better off than the rest of us- They were no longer bound to any physical bond or any emotional ones for that matter.. From […]

Haunt Your Destiny

Come with me to the old country, and together we will find the lives we’ve forgotten. You can live them twice by paying the unknown price, each one, never being the same as before. The key to your debt is to have something Beautiful Life wants: Looks that can kill, a heart of gold, or […]

Call me Medusa

These sleazy intentions seem to kill more than those so-called “reported” serial orgasms. To say, -off the record- that you give me both… feels very disturbingly corrupt yet thats not why you see me blushing. can this burning betrayal flesh be helped or better prevented? probably not this is to be the root of my […]

A City Lay In Ruins

Most people think I am referring to pompeii, but I actually wrote this with Atlantis in mind. Not that it really matters-I had all lost cities as my muse but Atlantis is my favorite obsession of erased history.

Fatal Air

Unless air is fatal to those who breathe, you should have nothing to fear. The safest way of surviving Fatal Air is to steal a few handfuls of blazing air. Granting you access to: “Enter without Danger.” Physical contact sparked flames instantly. Heating up more than the temperature, while bundles of blazing grass were thrown […]