Missing him..

I filled my time with other things,

But nothing helped keep him off my mind.

The Night:

Filled with two false poetic promises left me disappointed.

In these two years I have lost all “friends” I thought had loved me.


They abandoned me, and left me to my own devices.

But the new discovery of joy found in honing a craft,

Granted me the sight of true love.

Even if he didn’t love me back..

And yet,

It wasn’t fair.

The Night displayed a Full Moon shamelessly,

Much like the night I left home.

It was a sky full of nothing but stars falling over stars.

Instead of fleeing,

On this Night,

I went to howl at the Moon but what came out-was his name.

Morbidly followed by not even a whisper of an answer.

Even though I knew it was hopeless, i still hung up my mirror to almost see the shriek I prayed still hung in the air.

It was a deep dark voice

-dare I say his voice?

I have always known it.

Even when a hundred years has passed us both by.

Would I ever hear it again?

I sadly still wonder..

© 2016 Stone Fox


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