My Promise

Half my time is spent bruising my own ego,
as I literally try to command every cell in my body to forget you entirely.

To forget your stupid face, your name, and all the things I can’t stand about you.
Or worse.. all those things I’m ashamed to admit I love about you.

In the end, pretending your nonexistence only antagonizes me more.
The absence of you is louder than the endless supply of smart ass remarks you never seem to run out of.

You rob me of the fun in getting high.
Stealing the very colour from my sight and forcing me to star in this silent black and white film with horrible lighting.

The other half of my time consumes what’s left of my energy,
as I will the fibers of the Universe into energy that does my simple bidding; Overdosing your every thought or impulse with only one yearning desire:
Visions of me, covered in only green lace and liquid codeine. 

Oh the things I would do to you!
I would go to such lengths to pretend to please you..

I want to give you the world just so I can take it from you later. 
And because you are the fire of my soul, and my one and only..
My very heart, I promise you I will.

© 2016 Stone Fox


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