Haunt Your Destiny

Come with me to the old country,
and together we will find the lives we’ve forgotten.

You can live them twice by paying the unknown price,
each one, never being the same as before.

The key to your debt is to have something Beautiful Life wants:
Looks that can kill, a heart of gold, or wisdom beyond your years.
Life is always looking for the rarest of qualities that make one pure,
for they are special and help shape things such as your luck.

She takes pleasure in watching you try to write your wrongs or just change your path with a fresh new outlook that sadly results the way it was the first time.
Until you realize there are no changes that can be made, no new path, and no secret new ending.

She’s twisted like that.

You then find out it has all already been decided before and after you.
Everything and all that dwells within was all decided before time.

You are not significant,
there is nothing special about you other than that one singular thought that you are special.

Tell me what is yours that we did not give you?
Not even your rebellion is your own.

So morn your doomed future, and haunt your destiny.
Pretend you are special and show us what it’s like to play God.