Forever Farewells

For a moment,

Looking upward,
I suspected they had fallen from the sky.
Taking a long breathe, standing firm with determination, I observed every single detail.
Some of them were much better off than the rest of us-
They were no longer bound to any physical bond or any emotional ones for that matter..
From afar,
a herd of hesitating horns hysterically hushed a crescendo of errors,
cruelly cutting away and turning across a zig-zag dance that could be heard for miles.
The moon,
brightly busy making the night sky frisky and fine,
Survived the still sound.
Gently glowing with an emptiness,
that endowed complete isolation to all wondering eyes.
The rest of us meekly posed, waiting for a quick promised death.
It was our time-it was our right.
Holding my form I became a statue.
Delicately frozen in a formal gesture of forever farewells.

© 2016 Stone Fox


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