Call me Medusa

These sleazy intentions
seem to kill more than those so-called “reported” serial orgasms.

To say,
-off the record-
that you give me both…
feels very disturbingly corrupt

yet thats not why you see me blushing.

can this burning betrayal flesh be helped or better prevented? probably not

this is to be the root of my eternal damnation:

all these urges
-that even you, yourself have-
really be tainting the fragile lining of my soul? using only my known sinful secrets against me like some parasite?

or is the questioning of my own morality while you fuck me religiously the real sin?

How dare my mind even wonder while you posses me from the inside.

if i am to be damned for finding what you only long for then so be it,
mark me damned and chisel me into your future’s mythology.

and on that day,
when the divine powers
decide to strike me down,
   when they dare to make good on this promise and smight me,
I will welcome all fates with a smile.

I found a love so powerful it made destiny insecure

Making my name one to be remembered, forever blazing in the stories with danger and warning.
serving as some cautionary tail for all the little girls who are just a tease and knowing ones place.
I still regret nothing

even if the sight of me were to turn you to stone,
making me your demise,

i will deliver  you to your marble tomb each and every time.

I will always choose to make you hard-always.

Stone Fox


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