This is to be you 

We are made strong when the long voyage is married by a most repulsive -“Never have I ever”-         (I’m going to take this shot now) social suicide disguised in your own hand holding the matrimonial loaded gun.  A mile away,  Not far from the place where I buried all my regrets,  was […]

Haunt your Destiny

Come with me to the old country and together we will find the lives we’ve forgotten. You can live them twice by paying the unkown price, each one, never being the same as before. The key to your debt is to have something Beautiful Life wants: Looks that can kill, a heart of gold, or […]

Reversed Roles

Looking back, In your previous attractions the role playing usually involved more than a pretty target. Although it was unknown to you at the time, with each new growing experience, your perception as well as reality began to find you less subtle while betraying your most important values. Making you cloudy as you forget that […]

Pretty Insanities

Feathers torn from the gaping napes of wind began to dwindle and resist in spite of the gravity crushing tsunami. Trapped in a facade of impersonating flowing rain every feather dived to their unplanned descent. All drowning in the nightmarish truth of actually being smothered in tears of a blue eyed-giant as they fell from […]

Slow Fearful Contrast

Blazing eyes hot with slow fearful contrast fired together, coloring a vivid sonic boom. Blinding all with fired pistols quivering through many of the mighty dead. The light in my eyes was the only movement that could be seen. While a lone bro cry of “HAZAH!” was desirously pining over a share of the glory in this […]

My Promise

Half my time is spent bruising my own ego, as I literally try to command every cell in my body to forget you entirely. To forget your stupid face, your name, and all the things I can’t stand about you. Or worse.. all those things I’m ashamed to admit I love about you. In the […]

Beast of Burden

He halted.. Snuffing the air, he turned tail and galloped off. Still, Without much delay, We gallantly dragged our efforts; shooting at the poor beast in hot pursuit I was unwilling in this sport. In my heart of hearts I hoped instead we might manage to tame him. This Mighty Majestic Beast of Burden was […]